About Proccon

Passion for procurement

Proccon stands for Procurement Consultancy, founded by Wilco van Regteren in 2009 in the Netherlands, after a career of 18 years in various procurement line management and consultancy roles. He has worked for and with a variety of companies in the manufacturing  (pharma, healthcare and chemical)  and business services (finance, media, leisure) industry.   

In his new independent procurement role he continues to work with leading manufacturing companies, now within the food & beverages (potato and dairy) industry. Adapting and responding to the criticalities of  ‘time-to-market’  for ‘new development products’ and  how to contributto an improved EBIT. Outsourcing products to 3rd party manufacturing to free up critical own production lines. Harmonizing specifications to mitigate supply risk and optimize costs.     

Hospital care and Animal Health are other industries he becomes familiar with, driving synergy projects, securing strategic and bottleneck services, adding value to the business.  

How can Proccon support you?

Proccon’s strength lies in quickly reaching short term goals without losing sight of long term improvements. This covers services such as: 

  • Review your procurement strategy and processes and suggest improvements
  • Analysing your spend and provide a savings potential per category
  • Reviewing your contract- and supplier base management
  • Support in reaching your sourcing/saving targets 
  • But also ‘hands-on’ rolling up the sleeves and getting things done  

Optimising end-to-end procurement processes create value for your business

Striving for improvement and efficiency

As an independent manager Wilco is trained to quickly get to know his stakeholders, understanding the business culture and ‘ways of working’. This is an important asset to quickly make a relevant contribution.

The entrepreneur in him likes exploring new markets, looking for ways to improve processes, learn from and implement gained knowledge from previous projects. Always looking for quick wins and at the same time focussing on long term process efficiency. A good example is his more recent switch to the ‘indirect procurement field’, gaining in-depth knowledge of logistic procurement processes and ways to optimise them in New Zealand and currently in South East Asia.

In 2014 Wilco, with his wife and daughter, relocated from the Netherlands to Sydney, Australia and have been living and working there for 5 years. Since 2019 he can call Singapore home. 

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