Procurement contribution to improved EBIT through optimization NPD process

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Shortly after starting my new interim role was asked to do a final negotiation with a 3rd party supplierA project team had worked on developing a new range of ‘products’ for almost a year with a new supplier. Notwithstanding the negotiations that had taken place during the development phasethere was still no consensus on the final cost price. 
I couldn’t change the status quoas a consequence the sourcing process had to be done all over again. 


Taking the lead from my procurement role I organised a brown paper session on the NPD (New Product Development) process with the same team. All process steps were identified, the go/no go moments clearly stated and the development costswhere possible, pushed forward 

With the newly developed sourcing process, pre-selected suppliers were visitedby Marketing and Procurement together and reviewed based on pre-qualification criteria, with a clear ‘target price’ in mindBased on the best performance, including test runs and quality panels, the final supplier was selected and the development process followed accordingly.   


The final result was a range of products that met all quality requirements and staying below both ‘target price’ and development budget. More importantly, the whole process had taken less than 6 months, a reduction of over 50 %.  

The NPD process template has been used for other development projects thereafter and resulted in a reduction in ‘time-to-market’ of 4-6 months, resulting in earlier retail sales with the same number of months.  

Procurement proved it can add value to a business and contribute to an improved EBIT.

Optimising end-to-end procurement processes create value for your business

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